Founder of Rocheston, a New York based Cybersecurity, Innovation, Internet of Things, Blockchain and Big Data Training & Certification Company.

Postgraduate in software engineering with over thirty years of experience in IT and an owner of a multi-million dollar business in the United States.

Distinguished Engineer® with multiple patents related to mobile phones and operating systems, 90+ industry certifications in Software, Cybersecurity and Internet technologies from Microsoft, Apple, Google, Motorola, Intel, Cisco, HP, CompTIA, IBM, Oracle, SAP. Inventor of patented Cyfone®, a cylindrical mobile phone, and CycleOS mobile operating system. Invented the patented floating dual screen desktop computer. Standardized Customer Happiness Index (CHI) using Nebula Metrics Framework and Methodology. Built o’cafe® international donut and coffee shop franchise.

Passionate about technology. Inventor, scientist, cybersecurity engineer, entrepreneur, and visionary. Lives in New York and travels between Singapore, Manhattan, and India.

Question the rules, change the game.®

Writer & Director